At The 2810 Private Resort & Estate, we are wholly dedicated to providing outstanding personalized service and completely changing our clients’ vacation experiences.

With an overwhelming abundance of restaurants, hotels and activities that Las Vegas has to offer its guests, it’s difficult to find a starting point and easy to get lost. As an added premium service to our guests, The 2810 offers all-encompassing concierge service which provides guests with hands-on assistance in building out a personalized Vegas itinerary. Our expertise includes nightlife, daylife, restaurants, attractions, shows, hotels and transportation, on-site catering and butler services – providing our VIP stay-in guests with completely customized experiences.

The 2810 Private Resort & Estate provides its guests with accommodation options readily available from the moment you land—including the option to be shuttled to The 2810 mansion in a limousine—to the moment you depart our 10-bedroom estate.

Committed to developing the greatest and most memorable experiences while you are in Las Vegas, The 2810 has unparalleled assistance that strives to provide our patrons with an unforgettable Vegas memory with an emphasis on customer service and quality.

Listed below are a few examples of services and staff our Concierge is happy to organize for you. If there is anything you want but don’t see, let our Concierge know and it will become a reality.